Feasibility Studies

PS&E for Roadway Rehab/Reconstruction

Schematic Design

Traffic Control Plans

Signing /Pavement Markings

Retaining Wall Layouts

Drainage Study/Analysis

FEMA Floodplain Studies (CLOMR/LOMR)

Culvert Design

Scour Analysis

Urban Storm Sewer System Design

Bridge Layouts

Platting Services

Forensic Engineering

Grading Plans

Utility Coord and Relocation


Dimension Control Plans

Water Distribution Design

Sanitary Sewer Collection Design

Storm Water Management Plans

Water Pollution Abatement Plans

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

Street and Lot Layouts

Construction Cost Estimating

Bid Package and Specification

Construction Administration and Observation

Expert Witness/Expert Consultant

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Public Involvement Plans

Meetings with Affected Property Owners

Public Meetings/Open Houses

Public Hearings

Stakeholder Meetings

Resource Agency Meetings

Comment/Response Matrices

Media Outreach and Publications

Noise Workshops

Technical and Community Work Groups

Stakeholder Databases

Public Meeting/Hearing Documentation Reports

Intercept Surveys

Pop-Up Meetings

Online Surveys

Project Newsletters and FAQ Sheets

Project Websites


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Boundary Survey

Design Topographic Survey

D.T.M. and G.P.S. Surveys

Const. Staking and Verification


Aerial Mapping Control

Right-of-Way Mapping

Utility Mapping

Improvement Surveys

Right of Entry

Deed Research

Flood Certifications

Surveys for Flood Studies and Floodplain Determinations

Accident Site Reconstructions

Expert Witness/Expert Consultant

Alta, As-built, and Tree Surveys

Parcel Plats and Legal Descriptions

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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Documents (EIS, EA, CE)

Section 4(f)/6(f) Analyses

Alternatives Analyses

Purpose and Need Statements

Preliminary Historical and Habitat Assessments

Hazardous Materials Initial Site Assessments

Socioeconomic and Environmental Justice Analyses

Indirect and Cumulative Impact Analyses

Jurisdictional Water Determinations and Delineations, Including Wetlands

Phase I, II, III ESAs

Noise Analyses

Public Involvement and Outreach

Agency Coordination

Geologic Assessments

Karst Feature Surveys

Quality Assurance

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