Environmental Services



PCI’s environmental planners and scientists are committed to avoid, minimize, and mitigate environmental impacts for every project. They collaborate with project developers and regulatory agencies to identify environmental constraints early in the project development process to ensure timely compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

  • Environmental Planning and Permitting

  • NEPA (EIS, EA, and CE) Document Preparation

  • Section 4(f)/6(f) Analysis

  • Environmental Justice Analysis

  • Phase I and II ESAs

  • CWA Section 404 Determinations, Delineations, and Permitting

  • Geologic Assessments

  • Initial Karst Feature Survey

  • Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat Assessment

  • Ecological Inventories

  • Environmental Constraints Mapping and Reports

  • Environmental Feasibility Studies

  • Historical and Archeological Studies

  • Alternatives Analyses and Resource Matrices

  • Agency Coordination

  • Public Involvement and Engagement

  • Noise Analysis

  • Indirect and Cumulative Impacts Analysis

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping/Modeling

  • Floodplain Determinations and Stormwater Management Plans

  • Flood Certifications and Drainage Reports