Jacqueline “Jackie” Lopez

Vice President of Environmental

Jacqueline “Jackie” Lopez initially joined PCI in 2014, bringing 15 years of experience in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance, wildlife and habitat assessment, socioeconomic and community impacts analysis, hazardous materials analysis, and public and community engagement. In 2023, she was promoted to Vice President of the Environmental Department. In her years with PCI, she has managed hundreds of environmental projects (both federally- and locally-funded) for TxDOT, HUD, and several municipalities throughout the State. She is an expert in environmental rules and regulations for TxDOT and HUD-sponsored projects and thoroughly enjoys working with local municipalities to help them navigate the NEPA process. In addition to her environmental work, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling across the country to her daughter’s gymnastics competitions, camping, fishing, and barbecuing!